Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday morning....

  Just about to do a new podcast for "Myriads of Thought."  The house is quiet and I will probably be alone for the rest of the night, accept for some furry friends.  Time to watch all the television shows that I missed and get into some writing with a cup of tea.  There is nothing like a quiet house and unfortunately, in not having children that's one of the things I will always have in the future.  Pain came back again up my left side, like being surged with a lightning bolt, like Frankenstein's monster being poked and prodded without even knowing the why's or the for's.  Medicine used to be like that.  Sometimes. it still is.  Corey is probably going to be okayed for the Vega Pack and that means he'll have to go through surgery and probably tests to see if this thing can control his seizures.  I am scared for him.  I mean, they don't even know how this thing exactly works.  All of it is random.  Like being in the stone age again.  That's the glory of discovery and the fear of might save the world or a piece of it or you might hurt everyone or quite a few people.  Medicine has always interested me.  If I had to go back and start from scratch, I'd be a neurosurgeon.  But, this life has a different plan for me.  I am still waiting on the blueprints, but I am certain that it will show it's face sooner or later.  Alright, onto the podcast. 

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