Saturday, February 9, 2013

Chapter 15

Recovery; thank yous; “The Ever” and “The Control Room or the demands of Heather; “ Johnny and chapter seventeen of the new book.

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  1. Hi, kind thanks for your compliments and the brave attempt at reciting my poem, not easy with the flowery verbs i use ... Satyr, ironically, is pronounced Say-ter(a half-man/goat in Greek myth), and Ee-oss-ter was a european goddess of spring/fertility and Easter is derived from that. Talking of word meanings ... i've been intrigued by your brother's mention of the chant Nam Myoho Renge Kyo ... what culture does that stem from Hollis? Sounds rather native Indian ... I was also very intruiged to learn about Corey's forthcoming operation for the implant ... they obviously know which part of his brain affects the nervous system which is very fortunate, Lisa and her brother have one of the rarest epileptic conditions in the UK, so much so their doctor has received special funding to research it further which hopefully could lead to a similar operation for them. My best friend Tina had a hysterectomy several years ago and went through exactly what you are Hollis ... but it does heal eventually like most wounds so bear with it best you can my friend. You have the next best thing to children in your rescue dogs, well done you for giving them a loving home :D. I've still not been able to read your full post on Spook House Pictures but i hope your letter warrants a respectful response at least ... maybe you could try Hammer films over here ... they've been back in buisness a few years now having made Let Me In and The Woman in Black. Believe it or not i know someone who is a friend of Christopher Lee and meets him once a month ... maybe you could send him an autographed copy of The Ever and, you never know, he may suggest it to Hammer as a script! I've not received my book yet but will commence reading once i have ... your reading from chapter 1 was a fine taster.

    Ian x

  2. Hey Ian,
    First of all thank you with your patience for this site. I am not sure what was going on, but I am glad that you were able to post. I do look forward to your posts and I wish that I would hear from more people as well. What my brother is talking about is a chant from SGI, which is a Buddhist group/organization that I have belonged to for years now. I chant everyday, which helps me focus on the tasks at hand. I also pray for those around me and those that need help. I chant for them to receive the help that they need and to find the strength to endure. I have a whole list of people that I chant for and I use this list everyday. Thank you for your warm thoughts and concern in regards to my surgery and the healing afterwards. It has been rough-very rough. I found myself crying last night because of some silly film about babies and ended up waking up my best friend, Autumn in order to gain some sort of outlook on the entire situation. It's good to hear that this is normal. But, I wish that it would stop and soon. I didn't know that I wanted to be a parent, until it was too late. It might be the only thing that I regret. Corey is going to, hopefully if his doctors approve, VNS therapy. I hope that it helps him because his quality of life isn't that good and it would be wonderful for this to give him a better life-a more independent life. I will message you on Facebook and send you the letter that I sent "Ghost House Pictures." Big shock-no reply so far. I just get really bored-and I think that others do too-of seeing the same films time and time again and it is obvious that the powers that be are running out of ideas and have been for some time. Please send me the information to contact your friend. I would love it if Christopher Lee read my book and found it necessary to send it along. I will send it out post haste. So sorry about the mispronunciations of your poem. I hope that I did not offend you. I thought that it was a brillant piece. Alright, well off I go to do another podcast and maybe a blog...thank you so much are a wonderful person and an amazing writer! :)

  3. Hi!No offence at all on poem recital, it was a brave attempt; i admire you doing the podcasts so naturally, i'd be far too self-conscious, always been shy by nature, writing is my stronger voice. I think if i was more religious-minded i'd follow Buddhism as i know they follow a beautiful philosophy that respects all species, that we are what we eat etc. Your book not arrived yet but if it's shipping from your country then obviously will take a while ... am currently reading A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness(american author) ... well recommended ... set in England about a modern-day witch and her relationships with vampires in and around Oxford university. I'll post contact details about my Christopher Lee friend on facebook privacy ... he's ninety-one this year CL but still working! His autobiography Lord of Misrule is well worth a read too. As will yours one day Hollis :D.

    Goodnight and creative dreams,

    Ian xx

  4. Thank you so much Ian....I appreciate your kindness. If you like "The Ever" and ship it to me...I'll autograph it for you and ship it back. Thank you for the contact...I'll be looking for that soon. I am shy by nature as well, but I am trying to be more bold and doing this podcast because I really want to share with my audience and with other writers. I am a pretty private person, so its been hard but I try to be as open as I can every week. Thank you for noticing. I am currently working on a blog for Women's in Horror month,so I hope that that goes along smoothly. Keep listening and posting. I look forward to hearing from you...:)