Saturday, November 9, 2013

Chapter 93: "Halloween": Laurie Strode: [crying] "Was that the boogeyman?" Dr. Samuel Loomis: "As a matter of fact... I do believe it was."

Halloween chapter; Amityville; Favorite horror movie characters (some real life serial killers-accept for Lizzie Borden-she's innocent); Having a sock on my leg painted; Gothic vampire; Off of the topic of Halloween: Changing my relationship with food; Amazing and Legendary Etsy artist Annie Saunders ("i came to your planet to research the various acidity levels of your soil. i stayed for the cheeseburgers.") and her shop "leagueofshadows" (which if you are sensing a Batman reference, then you would be right)-You can find her wonderful and amazing work at:,,, and "You can follow either the tumblr or facebook for news about any upcoming sales. {She's}@anniemated on twitter, instagram and vine; Also the next chapter of the series "A Thousand Years of Darkness" from super star writer and great friend Jimmy Reed; The end of "Asylum;" 37 pounds lost; Recording special show tomorrow with sometime co-hosts Tori and Katie; Submitting for my 100th chapter and tons and tons of hell bound love to you all!!!!!! Plus...listen for the coupon code in this chapter....:)...:)...<3

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