Monday, February 25, 2013

A few new poems.

Walking down the long
and heavy road
I hold your hand
as we begin to sink
covered in water
drowning with the current
afloat in a mass
of gray colored sky
I am invisible
glory and guts
screaming out in open
fire burning from my belly
I wake
early the next morning
and you are not there

Secret crying
the nurses don't understand
folding into bed
feet hanging over the edge
the heat carrying itself
long piles of bricks and stones
upon its back
the fan brings some cool air
I hug my stomach
and try to stand
as the valet drives the next car
to the curb

There is an echo
over the distance
words that were lost
straining to be found
they press on
across the snow encrusted mountains
curving into the wind
and bending down
as their shadows take over in the dark
pressing into the ground
they hope to feel arms take them
gently and with love
with love that they have never felt before
a first time for everything
crawling into bed
they slumber
but they do not dream

I am awake
I run to the window
I stare out and see
all and nothing
the noise that woke me
cannot be found
curls on my pillow
her red fur
on cotton
I hear the screaming
from below
and close my eyes

Take a sip
let the liquid stir
ice melt
forget all your problems
become Superman
Wonder woman
an invisible jet
filling up your living room
out amongst the trees
it is dark now
and we only have each other
against the cold

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