Monday, February 4, 2013


  Today my heart feels a bit weary, like it has walked miles without any rest.  The gears in my chest haven't been cleaned in years and rust has now set into the small fixtures.  Pumping away, I am not sure where it is going or if it is working any longer but I know that it has traveled a long way to get to a simple place.  The air is cold and someone close wraps their arms around me to protect me from the bitter wilderness, but it is too late.  My skin is shreading into long flakes of dust and soon, some part of me will be dead.  I can feel your fingers on my flesh, but I don't want them there.  I want to push past and crawl into a small space beyond what I know, but the passage way has been closed long ago and there is no way out.  Making myself small, I follow what I lost a long time ago into the damp floor and out along the beaten path.  Footprints are solid here, showing where I have been trampled over-again and again-but I am not afraid this time to kiss you goodbye.  I carry myself into the trees and fall in love with the open air.  The birds wandering in the branches, fluttering to say hello.  I catch my voice in my lungs and pluck it from my throat.  I want to say what I feel, instead of keeping it all at a distance but it is too late.  My heart stops and my body turns limp into the land feeding it my aching heart.

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