Saturday, February 2, 2013

Chapter 13

Life; post-op doctor’s visit; what they found during surgery; readings from “The Control Room or The Demands of Heather” and “The Ever.”

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  1. Hi! You're not alone in assuming peoples manners and attitudes have taken a backwards step, it's the same in England and not just with kids, motorists are a prime example too and it makes me a road rage side-effect in return. You've got to blame the parents a lot with the way children behave outside the house, an arrogant role-model will pass it onto them and they assume we're all like that. Whether thr world's a more selfish place now than a hundred years ago i don't know exactly, but it certainly seems more hostile in many ways despite the cures we find in medicine and the standard of education. One quote i often use being a vegetarian is from Tolstoy(also vegetarian)who warned "As long as there are slaughterhouses there will be battlefields". Meaning how we, a superior species, treat the animal world reflects how we treat each other. Food for thought(literally!). Moving on ... i found the lulu site and have ordered 'The Ever' and will make that my reading focus when it arrives and comment back during and when finished. Keep taking the painkillers, my friend whenever possible, you definetly need them.

    Ian x

  2. Thanks Ian...I agree. I am trying not to take as many painkillers as before, but I (unfortunately) still have a pain in my left side and I am still finding it hard to bend over for an long length of time. Thank you so much for your support and for buying "The Ever". I hope that you enjoy it!!! I am getting ready to do a new podcast tonight. I hope that you tune in....:)!