Friday, February 15, 2013

Taking chances.

  My whole life has been based on taking chances.  I have never tried to get away from a new idea or a way to improve myself.  Okay, back track-maybe when I was younger and thought that I knew it all I told myself that I didn't need any help and that I was great just the way that I was-but that was a lie.  I needed work.  I was so angry and upset all of the time.  I needed to deal with that anger, but once that I truly realized that I had worked myself into a corner I dealt with the situation and took a chance with medicine and therapy.  In one aspect, I am happy.  I am writing and working on new projects and I find that fulfilling, but my income is terrible and I need to help my family, so chance has come along again.  It's funny how many things could happen to us in a single day.  So many different people and ideas float by us and often we do not pay attention.  Sitting in the back of the bus, I watch the people come on and find their seat as the bus moves across the busy intersections.  I hold on tight, as we turn and realize that I have accidentally hit my bag into the person sitting next to me so I apologize.  We start talking.  I realize that we have things in common and we become bus friends for weeks before my job closes down due to the economy and I never see her again.  But, these are the chances that we take for the relationships (however small) that we forage.  I am taking a chance by doing this podcast and writing this blog, but I do is the way that we interpret these choices that matters.  Never give up.  Just don't.  Fight.  Survive.  Keep your head up and pay attention to the world around you.  No matter what-even if things appear mundane.  You just aren't looking close enough.

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