Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Too much information.

  Sometimes I wonder if we are giving away or sharing too much information with each other.  Do I really need to know what everyone is doing every second of the day through posts and tweets and blogs?  This coming from someone that shares her life on a podcast and a blog, but sometimes I wonder if it isn't too much.  Being a private and normally shy person, it has taken me a great deal of courage to open up and try to share my thoughts with the world (well, with my few loyal fans, ) but is that progress or should I just be a private person?  I was giving this some thought last night, after I did my podcast and stared down again at the scars on my hand.  I wanted to share why these scars on my wrist seem to bother me so much, but then I stopped myself and asked why should anyone care?  But, to be perfectly honest I think that even though we appear to have what seems to be an open dialogue-it's not really open.  We have become more withdrawn and more likely to keep secrets from one another.  Maybe, it's because we are expected to share every little and last thing.  I myself, like being open with my audience and with other writers but even I have my limits.  There are certain things that I would probably never share and even though that might be what makes or breaks me, I think that a bit of mystery never hurt anyone.  The scars on my wrist are from my IV when I was just recently in the hospital for my surgery.  They remind me of the day that I felt as if I lost my womanhood.  Yes, that sounds crazy but it is true.  Being hacked apart does something to you as a woman, and you feel quite lost.  Should I share this with you?  Yes.  Because I want other women who experience the same surgery to know that they are not crazy.  This emptiness that they feel exists and it does cause heartache, and even when your period doesn't come the next month and all that pain that you felt and bleeding is gone...you still feel empty and all used up.  I am working on these feelings and incorporating them into my writing.  I am also trying to look at the positive sides of sharing details of my private life.  The truth is that I like sharing my thoughts with everyone.  I like getting feedback and hearing from my audience and from fellow writers and even though it takes every bit of strength that I have to write and blog and podcast about my personal life and thoughts, I do think that it's worth while.  One less secret to have to worry about.  One less burden.  I give it all to you. 

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