Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Chapter 18

The hardship of a writer's life... looking for a job... continuing to dream. Readings from “The Control Room or the demands of Heather” and “The Ever”.

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  1. Hi again ... great to hear your physical scars are healing well, that must be a big relief ... not so the mental ones, the nightmares ... i'd recommend counselling maybe if it came free!! I've been unemployed long-term before and without transport ... it's not a happy place, isolating as you rightly say ... i spent all day in the library writing, saved heating bills at home ... even got the come-on from a librarian but i was too shy to follow it up ha. No ... you shouldn't call it a day with your writing Hollis ... i know you WON'T ... it's a major part of you, in your soul, your sanity too ... it's a heck of a frustrating vocation when you're continually trying to get that one big break to get your work in the public eye ... but you have the talent, that's obvious ... you just need the right contact, agent, friend of a friend(fingers crossed!), the determination to keep writing better and better, as you are with your latest novel ... and to be part of the great literary world the likes of Stephen King once struggled to make a name in ... and you ARE still relatively young ... i've known writers first published in their seventies ... maybe it's harder when you're young and ambitious and wanting that success but ... keep on being creative and making waves out there, that's your core cv both for confidence and potential publication. Look for agents/publishers who specialize in horror/female writers ... even if they're not the big name publishers... job wise i don't know ... maybe, when you're feeling stronger, you could advertise to walk peoples dogs while they're at work, etc ... some old folks can't manage anymore and will pay you ... won't be big bucks but enjoyable... walking's good therapy too ... enjoying your readings as usual ... i really liked the poem Pretty Chick ... i agree with your sentiment there ... and the beautiful love poem that followed ... very soulful and devotional ... Lisa and me are both quiet people-watchers too ... most imaginative folk are ... Lisa's paints and i write ... do you, like many writers, already have the ending of a novel set out and sort of work backwards, or rather forwards with your characters working with you to reach that particular finale? I know David Bowie used to write random words/lines on paper and then throw them in the air and see how they appeared on the floor together ... each to their own ...

    Ian xx

  2. Thank you Ian!!!!! You are very kind and I appreciate all of your thoughtful responses and comments. I usuallu do have an ending worked out for my stories beforehand because I write an outline. It is very rare these days for me to just run with something that hasn't been preplanned. Thank you for liking "Pretty Chick" and my other poems! I like your poetry very much as well. I have taken chapters and placed them on the floor next to one another and scrambled them up to see how I want the novel to begin and end. I don't like to go in order. I like to showcase the story in pieces, so one is never really prepared for an event or an outcome. I want to get people to want to keep reading. I don't want to be bored when I read, so I try to keep the readers attention too. I have been looking for a literary agent, but no look yet. No one wants to take me on as a client. It is very frustrating when you have all these ideas and you want to earn a living from them, but you cannot. I have a family of my own to provide for and loved ones that need my support, but I cannot help them financially at all. Not having any money what so ever and having applied for every job under the sun, can make life difficult. It can make you want to give up and search for different areas of financial support. I don't want to give up writing-ever-but it becomes an issue when you are in dire need of even the simplest things and you have no way to pay for them. What sort of things does Lisa paint? I would love to see some of her work as well. You too are so talented!!! I tried to paint a couple of times....lol...I'll stick to writing...:)...Anyways, new podcast to do...then off to bed more than likely....I'll talk to you soon!!! :)