Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Chapter 105: "Unfortunately, art is subjective."

Happy Friday the 13th Everyone!!!-(recorded on Friday the 13th;) Art is subjective; Having harsh critics; Developing a thick skin; Sending off many thanks for the supporting messages, and e-mails; Putting my heart into everything that I do; Being told that I "scribble" (years ago;) Supporting fellow podcast "The Radio Adventure
Club" (Ryan Scott and Mr. A.M. Rogers, who you can check out and support at: radioadventureclub.com, facebook.com/RadioAdventureClub, and find at: Twitter@Radio_Adventure-They have "new episodes every Monday;" I have so many words for this next interview: warm, witty, wonderful, sweet, talented, inspiring, and awesome in every way
Síle Murphy and her Etsy shop "UrthForged" in which she creates "sensual. earthy. eclectic. organic. body jewelry" and you can find her at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/UrthForged, www.urthforged.wordpress.com, and www.bodyartforms.com; Great friend and talented writer Jimmy Reed, and his segment "Notions of the Damned;" Reading from "Like the Universe Gasping for Air;" Always open to being contacted through abnormalentertainment.com; Much love to you all and many thanks for listening!!!! :)

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  1. Don't sell yourself short, Hollis. You make art with words. You create universes. In your own right, in a small way, you are a god. Whatever you think of your own work, it makes the imagination earn its bread. You ARE an artist, every bit as the folks you have on the show.

  2. Jimmy,
    You are the best!!!! Thank you so much for your sweet and kind words....I am always so touched by our friendship. Thank you. :)-hj

  3. I love it!! What a thought provoking show. Thank you so much for featuring UrthForged. I am delighted to hear how much you love your earrings! <3
    And you are certainly an artist, just as much as I am. We just work in different mediums! : )
    <3 Síle

  4. Awwww.....I love the love here.....I can feel it through the screen...I love my friends....:)...:)-Thank you so very much!!!!! :)-hj