Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Becoming old-er.

  I am embracing my age.  I am embracing the fact that sometimes I forget where my glasses are and if I am still wearing them, so I had to attach a cord onto them to provide me with their whereabouts.  I am embracing my lack of sight and the fact that one day, I'll probably go blind and lose my way in the dark.  But, hopefully there will be hands to guide me to my destination.  At least I know that I'll always be surrounded by dogs, so with their help I will find my way.  I am embracing the small wrinkles that have set around and underneath my eyes.  Their gray circles reminding me of how old I really am and of all the years to follow.  The letters of my books look small now.  I might have to request a larger print.  My bones ache, so I have decided to change the way that I eat.  I am going to get more healthy.  I am going to lose this weight that has been plaguing me all of my life.  I am going to get tiny and kick some ass.  I have waited long enough.  Waited for what-I cannot understand or fully explain, but I have waited in vain.  The time has come to make my life my own.  I am never going to be a mother, a mother to my writing but that is all, so I might as well live how I like and make this world remember me when I am dead and gone.  I think that sometimes I get overlooked because of the way I look.  I think that people don't see me.  In a thinner body, I will be seen and finally my words will be heard.  Mainly because that's how the world works these days.  But, I will be a powerhouse of thought and when people turn to look at me they won't expect what they get.  I am becoming older, but it is never too late to turn over a new leaf.

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