Thursday, January 31, 2013


  It seems there are so many times when I should have been or should be silent.  I look at the world around me and gather that I should stay alert, but cautious.  Maybe, that's the insight of a writer speaking.  One who wants to watch the world go by and see what everyone does or is going to do without affecting the noticeable outcome.  Just something new to put in the book.  Something creative that I would have never thought of that he does every Tuesday night before he goes to bed.  Quickly, type it up while you remember it and get every detail right.  He'll never know that you stole it from him and used it as material.  I heard the divorce rate is higher for people that share their personal lives with the general public.  Maybe, I was wrong.  Something that I'll never have to worry about since I'm not getting married any time soon.  But, there is this strange sensation to tell.  Your body quivers as you hold your fingers over the keyboard, and all at once all of your strange sensational stories are flowing out.  Things that you promised never to tell or share with anyone.  Let the world beware.  You are a writer.  What are you supposed to do?  That's new material that you are sitting on and leaving to rot.  You have to use every portion, like a good butcher.  Every section of meat has to be divided so that the pack won't starve.  Survival of the best at hiding their secrets.  Do you ever get close to anyone?  You hear the question as the light goes out, but you never answer it. 

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