Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Chapter 24

Finding your passion and happiness in life; trying to be a paid writer; More poems from “Searching for Solace” and finishing a chapter from “The Ever”.

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  1. Yes it's totally relevant to be a paid writer ... gives you self-esteem and makes you feel a little more professional... i did when paid for my magazine articles ... the royalties for your new poetry collection sound good :D ... CONGRATULATIONS again Hollis ... another step up the ladder for you ... and when you reach Stephen King stature you can hire a cleaner for your mansion! ... it is tragic that Corey can't retain memory after reading, so i hope he listens to these podcasts instead ... it must be more stressful having to nurse him as well as yourself ... Hollis Nightingale :D ... well, here's another of my poems for you ... don't worry about reading them out as obviously people can read for themselves when they come on ...

    It was dawn in the lonesome December
    and the mists had returned to the shore
    they drifted and clung like an ember
    still clings to the driftwood of yore;
    as i walked on the beach in seclusion
    i fancied i was not so alone
    with feelings of fear and intrusion
    a shape seemed to rise from the foam;
    for a time it remained in the vapour
    and a beautiful voice caught the air
    as the melody appeared then to taper
    i beheld a vision so fair;
    she reclined on a rock by the water
    her radiance was rare to behold
    and the sun from its easterly quarter
    uprose from her tresses of gold;
    she held in one hand a small mirror
    and the other a coral-shell comb
    from her waist to the source of the river
    she paddled her tail in the foam;
    i approached in cautious amazement
    to the ebb and the the flow of the tide
    and the mermaid in silent contentment
    embraced me with arms open wide;
    how it seemed so natural and carefree
    this union of mermaid and man
    for our souls were the link to eternity
    and the sourse where creation began;
    from there our lives were so bonded
    in love and trust and devotion
    and from the world of men we absconded
    to dwell in the peace of the ocean.

  2. Thank you so much Ian.....I don't want a mansion though....having my own home would be nice.....I adored this new poem....just wonderful....I think that this one is my favorite!!! I don't think that he listens to my podcasts or reads my blogs. It's alright though...no worries. I do appreciate your thoughtful and kind comments and your friendship. Maybe you day, I can meet both of you! I am not sure or certain if I nurse anyone. I just try to make sure that everyone is alright....including myself. I hope that the new poetry book does well and in a few months, I should have my new horror novel finished too. Brightness on the horizon. :)