Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Brand new poems.....:)

Yellow shirt
face painted on
up the side
of her skirt
walking directly
into the sun
without flinching
without giving
it a second
looking into
her silver
pocket mirror
and adjusting
her hair
as it slides
beyond her shoulders
and to her waist

He takes a drink
navigating his way
through the crowd
to see her
double vision
the alcohol
kicking into
there is
a sweet success
in making it
to her
pass the wavering room
and into the small space
between them
her eyes linger
hanging her head high
he smiles
yellowed teeth
from years
of smoking
trying to make
a good impression
the band begins
to play again
she walks
out onto the dance floor
leaving him
to wonder
what he would say
if she said yes

Motel Six
Red tint
iodine soaked
peeling back
pressed into
the radiator
tied and bound
searing flesh
crouched down
into a corner
the lights flashing
through the thin curtains
gasps of air
coming from between
the tape
an endless parade
of screams
only to be
cut again
caught in the act
of trying to escape
there isn't anything
only a flash
of hot
silver light
and the wait
is over

Measuring yourself
walking towards the rumbling dirt
Hot crickets pop down

one is brighter
than the other
stands w h o l e
in the blossoming air
a sport
upon their face
this unwrapped
piece of candy
melting down
through your hands
reaching for what
you think
that you don't

The Shore
off towards
the coast
there is
a sad beacon
of what
we have become
takes over
the cabin
and I
cannot see
the shore
there is
no hunt
no passage
way home
just the idea
that here lies
this great
and powerful
that once
made silver
now lives
spring from its side
and grass
grows high
in the blue

A flirt
Tip my hat down low
Acknowledging your presence
Black hair blue eyes sing


  1. Your powerful metaphor and and the way you use only essentail language is wonderful ... even the shortest of poems can speak a thousand words ... Motel Six describes terror almost beautifully ... and The Shore is another of what you're so good at, portraying the infinity of love and also its collapse ... here's a long one i wrote after our dog died many years ago ...
    Now is the time to remember
    now is the chance to recall
    our reasons for grieving so deeply
    your premature loss from us all.
    How it seems such an age and a moment
    your puppy-face cheered us a treat
    those tentative first steps for a spaniel
    as you scuttled your way down the street,
    into hedgerows, gardens and bushes
    the sprightliest springer would roam
    chasing golf balls, poodles and thrushes
    till a spank would rally him home.
    there to munch on savoury biscuits
    and slobber his two Bonios
    every crumb was detected with relish
    on the floor with his hoover-like nose.
    But all was not gobblesome frolics
    as many a called would site
    a ring or a knock would soon tell them
    your bark was far worse than your bite!
    And bathtime was a definite no-no
    as baby-like Ben yelped and howled
    his objection to shampoo and blow-dry
    though he loved his 'wotsit' being towelled!
    At beaches and Cumbrian rivers
    he became the swimmer supreme
    what laughter and mayhem there followed
    his waggledatious tail-end downstream!
    Oft' times in the kitchen or hallway
    we would hear the clackety-clang
    with his head submerged in a portion
    of chicken, mincemeat or ham.
    These are the simplest of memories
    though I trust there are more to uphold
    for none can forget your sweet nature
    and the blessings you brought to our fold,
    now when I walk through the silence
    of pathways and "let me in!" doors
    I fancy I can hear in the distance
    the faint echo of spaniel paws.

  2. Oh my Ian...I love drove me to tears...Beautiful!!!! Thank you as always for your beautiful and thoughtful words. This poem reminds me of the wonderful family members (dogs, but family members to us) that we have lost. So many happy memories, but I still miss them all....especially Johnny. She was a lovely dog-full of persoanlity. We had her since she was a puppy and at three years of age, she was diagnosed with seizure disorder and was on medication to control her epilepsy. We lost her at the age of fifteen. She went into a seizure and never came out of it. I miss her everyday. I loved her so much. I wrote about her quite a bit, poetry and such, and I am incorporating her into the new horror novel. She was a constant inspiration to me...and even though some days she drove me crazy with her stubbornness...I still cry at the thought of her being gone. Maybe, one day, I'll see her again. Thanks so much Ian!!! I am so sorry for your loss as well. Love to you and yours!!!! :)