Thursday, March 7, 2013

A writers gift.

  There is a feeling in the air.  It passes deep down from the ground and hovers gently in the clouds.  This force, this reckoning, makes one realize how lucky they are in this life-this second-this minute-for all they have and for all they are about to inherit.  Calling them from deep across the field, they wander with an inner desire and make their way to the words in front of them.  It is difficult to speak, but if they write it out-the messages that they want to say-the words that they want to convey-the great and monumental discourses for all the world to debate-type it-allow it to flow from their minds freely and with great passion-then all will be right.  No matter what happens, everything will be as it should be and there will be great thoughts that lead the land.  It is the expression of these thoughts that will maintain our innocence and remind us of our creative endurance and our youth-no matter our age.  People will flock to read what we have written and to be taken aback from these words-these words that have reminded them of what could be and of what has to be-for all our sakes.  This reckless abandon makes us crave all that we need-all that we want and hold dear to us what we love. 
  As I sit here, surrounded by my furry children (my dogs, ) I remember the power that we as writers have in regards to our world-this world and the one that we envision.  Cool air waves over me from my open window and I relish in the fact that even though I am struggling to make ends meet-I have the best job in the world.  It is my therapy.  My hope.  My expression when I am at a loss for my own spoken word and do not know how to express what has endured within me-within my heart-my mind.  In the end, regardless of the outcome, I'll know that I was free on so many levels.  It is this freedom that makes me happy and gives me peace of mind. 

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