Friday, April 5, 2013


 "Have you ever loved anyone else?"
"What a strange question to ask?"
"Have you?"
"I am thinking.  Why would you want to know?"
"I'm not sure, it just seems important."
"Well, it seems as if I should be the only one."
"And what makes you think that I love you?"
"I don't know.  You don't?"
"I never said that, but try not to be so assuming."
"I won't assume.  But, you have told me right?"
"I have?"
"Yeah, that one night when we got stuck out in the rain and we slept in my car..that night..."
"Oh, that night.  I was just being kind."
"Don't laugh.  I thought that you were being serious."
"I was being serious...and kind..."
"And she continues to laugh.  Are you trying to break my heart?"
"As if I could break your heart, what me and the thousands of other women that you have had..."
"Had?  You make it sound so dirty."
"Isn't it?  I see that grin on your face."
"Well, none of them compared to you."
"Oh I bet.  I bet that's what you told each and every one of them."
"Are you going to answer my question or what?"
"Demanding I see!"
"No, just wondering."
"What happens if I tell you yes?"
"You won't tell me yes."
"What makes you so sure?"
"I'm not, but I am certain that there are others-have been others."
"And for you too."
"Your heart doesn't belong with me."
"If you say so."
"Then, you do love me?"
"I'll never tell."
"Thank you for the kiss, but it won't break me."
"Sooner or later, it will."
"If you say so."
"Oh, I know so."
"I can be very quiet.  Silent, if I have to."
"I doubt that.  You've never been silent.  Ever."
"And should I be?"
"No...especially in bed."
"So, we are getting down to brass tactics then?"
"Well, you are never going to tell me?"
"I think that's best.  Don't you?"
"Well, we have ways of making you talk."
"Don't make me laugh...we are being serious...serious, right?"
"Yes, serious...sort of...."
"Good.  Sort of....sort of serious..."
So, do you love only me?"
"That's a yes.  A maybe is a yes."
"No, a maybe is a maybe.  I told you that I would never tell."
"It's getting dark.  We should go inside."
"I can barely see out here anymore."
"Here.  Take my hand.  I'll help you along."
"It's better inside.  Not as cold."
"I agree.  I still have your hand."
"Hold it awhile."
"I do love you."
"I know."


  1. Brilliant ambiguous word-play/mind games!Your own sarcasm in full-flow and well appreciated from a fellow sarcasticator! I love it ... maybe!

  2. LOL...Maybe...I love that...Thank you!!!! :)