Wednesday, April 17, 2013


  There is no comfort in misery.  No one to guide away the strangeness of being empty and alone.  Curled up in the darkness, hoping for sleep in a restless night.  The stars seem distant, as if they have traveled far away from sight and deserted the sky.  Music floats into my window.  It perches high above and then soars straight down into the blessed seams.  Holding close to my heart, I watch as the air from my lungs perches and then drifts into small abyss like caverns.  I am alone.  I have cried for the last time and pushed my heart out towards you in hopes that you would return, but it is all in vain.  There is nothing to do now, but pick up the pieces and smile against the sun tomorrow.  Nothing to do, but wish for peace and happiness for those around me and in an instant brave the world again tomorrow with fresh eyes.  I close my mouth and hum the words coming in through my headphones.  This is an experience.  These are what we crave.  Pulling up the sheets and blankets, I pass out in an effort to remember that even though this is over I am not finished in this world.  I have only begun. 

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