Tuesday, April 2, 2013

4 new poems

The tall grass
My stomach in knots
I can't think
It hasn't been like-
all day
just now
as I think
of you
I shouldn't
be doing this
I have no choice
for it is me
that I am overcoming
and even though
you may think
that this
is all
about you
don't matter
it's what
I have
to overcome
I close my eyes
and breathe
through my mouth
the air
shifting against
my broken tongue
I can't help
but wonder
when you will call.

Opening my hand
a blade of grass lies inside
I hold the sun still

which one
it's not
as easy
as it looks
walking away
backing up
changing your mind
breaking my heart
it's not
as easy
as it looks

Stop! And listen to me.
Walk away
when you have the chance
when the opportunity arises
and you can still sleep
at night
by the thoughts
of innocence
never take
me with you
leave me
to grow
in the weeds
and blend in
with the green
leave me
and never look back
I am ready
to be alone

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