Saturday, April 27, 2013

The dragon.

  I seal myself inside.  Inside the blankets.  Inside the sheets.  Soft pillows act as my fortress.  I barricade myself from the world.  Tucked away.  In the dark.  There is nothing that I cannot do when I am in here.  No limitations or prying questions.  I lay in the dark, and dream with the imagination of a child.  I crush my feet down onto the pavement with large footsteps and no one says a word.  These are all stories I tell myself.  Nestled far away.  Lonely and quiet.  I listen to the music as it sooths me to sleep.  I close my eyes, and rest in the knowledge that I will be left silent.  I slip off into sleep.  In the morning, I wake cold and restless.  My nightmares giving me cause to fear what hovers around me in the unknown wilderness.  I keep to myself, and never storm the castle or fight with the dragons.  But, next to me I carry an invisible sword. 

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