Friday, April 12, 2013

True love

  I knew it was you.  I held my breath and took a step forward.  I opened my eyes and it was still you.  The smell of your sweet cologne rang through my senses.  That voice no one else can share.  I wrapped my arms around you and all the thoughts of my day that had been holding me back disappeared in a mire second.  And, I was alive again.  Alive, beyond the most elemental of thoughts and feelings in my own universe.  Now, in your universe.  I stayed inside of your warm arms for as long as I could.  Holding onto your arms as you grasped me with all the comforts of home.  I could have stayed with you forever.  I could have kissed those lips over and over until my skin grew raw and parched, but it was time to go and to leave you behind.  No!  I couldn't. I grabbed your hand and took you with me.  I could not let you go.  I could not give up what might be and what was in you.  I held you close and nestled in the corner of your arm, as I slept and my wings were allowed to expand and I flew. 

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