Saturday, September 21, 2013

Chapter 79

Happy Friday the 13th!!!!!; Ghost stories, horror books, movies, and general things afoot; Seeing things since a very young age; Who and what inspires me and/or motivates me to create as a writer; "We, James;" The "magic" of creating a story; The morphing process of wanting to become a better individual and a better writer; "Pictures in a book;" Talented metalsmith Karen and her Etsy shop "blondiegator
BaubleHead Jewelry Design" (you can find her at: and; My good friend writer Jimmy Reed and his segment "Notions of the Damned," which includes the reading of the first book of his series "A Thousand Years of Darkness;" Reading from "Asylum;" 30lbs; Busy days ahead; Outlining chapter/book five of "We, James;" My 100th Chapter, and looking for submissions-you can contact me through my page at "Myriads of Thought;" Much love to everyone!!!!

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