Saturday, September 7, 2013

Chapter 75

Speaking about an event that most people stay away from: Horrific evil; Good and bad adventures in Germany; My father and the baby elephant; Breaking my "writer's block"; The Haunted Haus and Garten; Staying at 22.5 pounds; My bad knees and being skinny as a rail as a kid; My 100th episode; Finishing up the fourth book/chapter of "We, James"; Reading 5-6 books a week; Why we don't have company anymore; Corey and Jack; Having seizures in public; The beautiful artistry of Shawna Lawry and her Etsy shop (especially her sterling silver spoon rings) "Treasure Grotto," which you can find at:; Her work is stunning-mention my name if you buy one of her pieces, so that she will know that you heard the show :); My good friend writer Jimmy Reed and his segment "Notions of the Damned;" Reading from "Asylum;" Much love to all my listeners-I am humbled by your sincere love everyday; Off to get some sleep!!! :)

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  1. No one can mess with our own except for our own. That's exactly how my family is. We kick each others' asses but let someone else try to do the same.