Sunday, January 27, 2013

Saturday Night...Saturday Night...:)

So, here I sit...wondering if anyone is listening to the show and wondering why I haven't received any questions or comments...I would love to hear from everyone.  Today went pretty well, by sick standards.  Been trying to come out of my shell, I just feel so different and slightly strange as if I have been replaced by some body the book and saw the movie a couple of times...maybe, that is why I have been so tired....I am being replaced by some form of alien life and taken over...maybe, this is my last night on Earth and the pod people are going to take over and envelope me as one of their own....I have too much of an imagination....laying in bed at night, I still think that one of the children from "Salem's Lot" is going to come scratching on my window and telling me that "he commands it."  Guess, I should lay off the pain killers.  But, honestly all I have been taking for the last couple of weeks is Tylenol.  Maybe I got a bad batch.  I am going through hot flashes too.  This being a woman thing is hard work.  I think that I am just about finished with it...going to hand over my walking papers soon and retreat.  But, in all honesty I can't understand why I still feel so badly.  Going to my doctor's on Monday (if I can wake up long hoping to get some good news.  Getting lots of writing, that's a plus...appreciate all of the on my show.....:)!!!!!!  Love to all....hj

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