Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Chapter 70

Ten hour tozo (chanting session); Giving artists an outlet and sometimes hearing angry things; Not talking for a year; The loss of 16 pounds; Realizing my pursuit of fame and fortune; My voice cracking under the pressure; Writer Jimmy Reed and his segment "Notions of the Damned"; My interview with awesome creator Sara Quintana from "ValkinThreads" (http://www.etsy.com/shop/ValkinThreads and Valkinthreads2.etsy.com) for everything from "clothing & accessories" to "blankets and home decor"; I have a pair of her arm warmers and I LOVE them; Reading from "Asylum": The need for cold winter days; Household chores and the mindless ramblings of an incoherent writer.

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  1. Hi. I understand totally about not fitting in as a 'normal' person; as a stereotype anyway ... what is normal I ask? ... if it's to follow what the majority of society conform to then I say ... be proud not to!! Edgar Poe's poem 'Alone' told of his feelings of alienation and perceptions that weren't of the 'norm', but he stayed true to his writer's instincts and found his own voice - even when penniless - and the world of literature is a far better place because of it... I sincerely hope you find a job to pay your household bills, however regular and humdrum it is, but you'll still be able to write ... your imagination and talent are so beyond the monotony of humdrum existence that it simply won't allow you to drift into creative meltdown ... even if you only write for an hour or less each day, the urge will always take you there, you simply wouldn't be YOU without it, and we love you for that talent and that belief in yourself Hollis ... you ARE literature! ... keep chanting and keep creating ... the only abnormal for you is right here for our entertainment! Ian

  2. Ian....you are a lovely person....I truly appreciate your kindness, sincerity, sweetness and honesty. I am so very happy that you are my dear friend!!!! Thank you so very much!!!! You ROCK!!!!! :)