Monday, January 6, 2014

"Orphans have special needs"

A haunted house; who we find most attractive (dead or alive;) Talk of analysis in literature; double dick; Ideas of heaven and hell; Our thoughts, wishes, and hopes for the New Year; Seth Rogan; James Marsters; Norman Reedus; Johnny Depp; John Waters; The hell of retail or as Tori states "how retail sucks;" What we find attractive; Barking dogs; Whiskey (chug, chug, chug;) The characters of "We, James;" Being too wordy; Much love to you and yours.....(we fenced and played hop-scotch afterwards... yes, we are five......drunk play is the best!!!!)

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  1. I can't believe I've missed so much? When did it become the 12th even? I have so much catching up to do...

  2. No worries....good to hear from you....:)...:)-hj

  3. You guys are crazy! I could swap many a war story about shitty customers at work. (and how i got one or two back. :} )

  4. :)...:)....We're not that crazy....:)...:)....I would love to hear your stories.....maybe one day we'll all be in one room....that would be cool.....:)...:)-hj