Saturday, July 20, 2013

Chapter 61

The anniversary of my father's death; Being colorblind in a color theory class; The wonderment of true artists; Finding a second graphic artist for "We, James"... I write too damn fast; "Like the Universe Gasping for Air" being edited; The fear and excitement of success; Having things continually on the burner; Offering light to guide my father's way; Two SGI Buddhism terms; Wonderful, creative, inspiring and strong woman artist Erin Lawless Jennings at "Carou’s Curiosities" (; Check out and listen to this chapter to find a special discount code for Erin's shop, especially for my listeners at MOT ("Myriads of Thought"); The end of "Extremities: A collection of subtractions"; More interviews to come and short stories and journal entries on their way-plus, if you're really good I might share a bit of "We, James."

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