Saturday, June 29, 2013

Chapter 55

I am liberal; Saving a pigeon; Working on a ton of writing including my new novella "The Failure of my Parents' Ghosts", The next chapter/book of "We, James", and a few new short stories; Being number one at "Abnormal Entertainment" (for just a short time..but it was AWESOME!!!!); My good friend Michael Agin's blog...check it out at:; My best friend of twenty years-Autumn Hughes-and the wonderful memorial page that she set up for the best father that I ever had...check it out at: and light a candle in his memory or send a message or (if you knew him or wished that you did and you should wish that you did-say something fantastic...he was one wonderful guy); Also, check out my interview with artist on the rise..Chelsea Carosi and check out her page on Etsy at:; Also a BIG THANK YOU for all of my love to you all; Readings from "Extremities: A collection of subtractions".

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