Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Brand New 7 for 9/16/2015

All these mirrors
taking turns
with the circles
never ending
on each other
to make it
to the finish line
to make it out first
to win the metal
and claim the prize
there is
no talent
no hopeless romantic
to lead the pack
and all that died
within the floorboards
of that car
at that station
stayed hidden
white ruins
until now

Wave a flag
on serenity
keep it moving
til she passes by
and holds my hands
in her death stroke
from the crossing guards
up the street
these are the lyrics
that we die for
the endless soul
of our perpetual belief
relief from what ails us
and calls us back home
what seems familiar
but leaves us
when we need it most
calling out for her
I pass midnight
in the blue of her eyes
she swallows
the stars
and I keep it
from exploding
through her mouth
she swallows
the moon
and eats the Earth
while it is ripe
I have no home
but her
and she no warrior
but me

3.  Giving
Within this mist
the fear comes
trembling back
with claw paws
hands at the roof
of its mouth
and simple tools
meant to destroy
we never kill our enemy
but, we gather
the flesh
and keep it whole
save it
to eat later
when the guardians
are awake
and the lightning
has called to slumber
dare we drive
this alert
to no one
and only the closest
shall come
to partake
of the heart

4. Search
With this
we rest
our bones
in servitude
to you
we humbly collect
the mass
you call
a grave
and surrender
our keys
to you
with one hand
given the rocks
to break our bones
how can we not
reveal everything

5. Sweat
How do
we stop
the angry mob
coming to kill
the youth
how do we make
them forget
all the horror
that has been done
we collect
it all in a
paper sack
and draw it out
into the world
with leaves made of
we pledge
to the beast
nestled in the pit
of our breast
and all the while
we sleep
with long eyelashes
and curly hair
in the water

6.  Define
Gear up
this time
we never stop
we drink their
we piss on the heads
of their infants
we sink our teeth
into their necks and pull
pull everything out
all of their happiness
the marrow
from the bone
and we forgive

I really don't see
this powerful me
I don't see her
in the mirror
of hear her
when I speak
I don't even know
that she is there
I hope that she continues
this powerful me

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