Sunday, July 27, 2014

Chapter 132: "SCAB!!!!!!!!"

Walking in the rain; Busy days at work; Why does your body reject things?; What do we mean by "i love you;" Can you be in love with two people at once?; Corey and the man with the car; The Awesome Cat couple from the Lightrail (you know who you are!!!!!!); Watching a guy get arrested; Going to learn to ride a bicycle; "Naked and Afraid;" Almost becoming a "Heather;" My reading of "The Strain;" Sleep apnea; Switching work schedules; The scab; My shout out to Andre Halfide; “Gingersnap Press”, who you can find at:; “Luladark Jewels”, who you can find at:, (Check out this awesome piece:, and; “Lovely Creature”, who you can find at: (and a a 10% discount code: MOT10); "Rustic Goth", who you can find at: and; "Notions of the Damned" with Jimmy Reed and Reading from "Like the universe gasping for air;" Much love to you and yours; Bye For Now!!!!!!!!

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